Now is the best time to start Shopify Store.

Start Early

Start your online store as soon as possible, even without fully featured product.

Build a Community on Social Media

Gaining shopify traction through is the most effective way. Here are few top social media channels,

  1. Facebook- Build community and make friends
  2. Instagram- Share your product photos
  3. Twitter- Launch specific campaign

Get Product Feedback

Ask people to leave feedback and share their experience. Collect as much reviews as you can and post them on all channels and give the backlink to your Shopify store.

Effective Marketing

In whatever stage you are, Marketing Matters! Very specific and targeted marketing campaigns gives a lot of conversion. Effective marketing make your bucks worth spending and make sure your store is Search Engine Optimized.

The majority of online stores fold because they’re unable to drive traffic. Get FREE Quote from Oniont Marketing consultants and increase your traffic!

Offline Channels

Get friends and family to tell their friends and family, to tell their brothers, girlfriends, wife’s sister… You get the picture!

How to Start a Profitable Business?

Earning money is now easier than ever before, if things are done in a right way. Here is a proven sequence of steps that will help you achieve your goals.

1. Identify a Problem/Need

Do a through research and see what is the problem/need that you can fill in, it will boost your success and require less effort to achieve significant.

Tip: find a group of people those are looking for a solution to a problem.

2. Do an MVP that don’t scale

  • Write a definite plan
  • build your community (Be specific as much as you can)
  • Build Reputation as a solver of this problem
  • Ask people for sale (people are inherently good, they really help. Always stay positive)
  • Stay consistent

Recommended Video:  Airbnb story  by Nate Blecharczyk

3. Design and build your website

After you have seen that this is a real problem and it works. You have written your selling process. Do your site on your own or Get built your site upon your previous user feedback. Oniont is web company that provides services in Branding and Web development. 

4. Drive Traffic to your site

Use search engines and social media to drive traffic to your site. Learn about Search engine and social media advertising. There is a lot of material available on this subject or you can get help from a Marketing Company. Also use email marketing, referral plan and words of mouth, it works very well.

5. Keep it up

Listen to your potential customers feedback and build upon it. It is the difference between a good company and a great company. Great companies always listen to their potential customers.

In carrying out e-commerce, the most important thing is to keep doing what you are doing right now with passion, to keep it up.

Jack Ma Chairman Alibab Group

Final thoughts, online world is growing at a very fast speed but basic principles always remains unchanged. And you can’t go wrong with the basics.

5 Millionaire freelancers share their best advice

5 Millionaire freelancers share their best advice

Here are some pieces of advice from five successful freelancers that will tell how to start, where to find best clients and how they made a leap to becoming their own bosses.


1. Ilise Benum- Marketing consultant, entrepreneur, and online educator at Marketing Mentor

Benun focuses on teaching creative professionals how to get better clients with bigger budgets. She now mentors, coaches, and sells marketing tools for entrepreneurs through her website.

According to her: “You can’t be everything to everyone. Focus is essential to success and builds your competence and self confidence.”


2. Preston Lee-Entrepreneur, blogger and freelance graphic designer Millo

He says, “My best clients always come from word-of-mouth marketing. It always required much less convincing up-front and had a level of trust built-in.”

But according to him, “Learning to value your work properly leads to huge amounts of success as a freelancer because it allows you to charge more, turn down jobs you’ll end up hating, and ultimately be more satisfied with the work you do.”


3. Paul Jarvis-Entrepreneur, best selling author and freelance designer at  PJRVS

He got started as a freelancer by accident. The day he quit his agency job, he started looking for other opportunities, but he received 3 or 4 calls from agency clients wanting to work with him wherever he landed next.

He shares, “I’ve never cold-called, put my services on job boards or marketplaces. It’s been 100% word of mouth and referrals since I started. My clients became my sales force.”


4. Michelle Schroeder-Personal finance blogger and freelance strategy consultant at Making Sense of Cents

Since 2011, she’s been using her MBA in finance to write content for finance-related websites. “Now that I’ve built a sizable audience, I earn a majority of my income through affiliate marketing, advertising space, and managing content for a few other websites,” Schroeder shares.


5. Brandon Seymour-content marketing, SEO, and conversion optimization consultant at Beymour

For the past couple of years, Seymour has been offering SEO, online reputation management, content marketing, and conversion rate optimization services to clients.

He Shares,”I’ve had the most luck through blogging for popular sites and getting featured in print publications One article in particular led to connections that brought in about $40,000 in revenue over the course of one year.”


Reference: , Graphic Resources, S.L.


Most In-Demand Freelance Skills for 2018

Most In-Demand Freelance Skills for 2018

As the freelance industry continues to grow all over the world, competent freelancers and newcomers alike will need to keep pace with the changing demand for different skills. In this aspect here  are some of the most in demand freelancing skills for 2018.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the art of the putting text, images and other media together to generate an impactful visual expression. No company is complete without of its brand, and graphic designers are always in demand for that reason.

Website Development

Well-versed with HTML, CSS and JavaScript? If you are an expert in these coding languages and more, you are in for some good news. Website Development is one of the most demanding freelance skills and well paid.

Website Optimization 

The number of websites on the Internet is increasing steadily. In 2017, there is a whopping 69% increase of number of websites from the previous year. As competition increases, website optimization is crucial to gain an edge over competitors.

Two basics things which you need to learn for web optimization:

(a) SEO

All things considered, 91.5% of clicks go to the first page and 32.5% of traffic goes to first result of search engine. Legitimate SEO systems will bring about expanded introduction and along these lines guarantee gathering of people reach.

(b) User Experience

It is thought to be a lift to SEO if done accurately. Basically, UX centers around how clients encounter the site. Numerous components can impact UX, including aesthetics, ease of use and mobile friendliness

 Writing and Editing

Here are few terms for search: content writing, copy-writing, think advertising copy, social media zingers, and mass emails or alerts, business writing, or B2B (business-to-business) writing (like annual reports, newsletters, and profiles of company bigwigs).

If you have any of these skills and are also wise in the ways of SEO, well then, you’re sitting on a virtual freelancing goldmine.

3D Rendering

In general, freelance designers are one of the hottest gigs around. From Apple to Microsoft they all use 3D rendered graphics in their marketing campaigns. Computer generated graphics gives 100% results for product photography.

Social Media Marketing

This skill always needed as per human are there unless AI take it over. It sounds sort of curious alongside the various computerized employments, isn’t that right? In any case, truly, social media marketing is still similarly as imperative as it was three years back.

Digital Photography

Photographers are in-demand to shoot moments of special occasions, from small-scale personal photo shoots to weddings and large corporate events. Photographers can also take pictures that are relevant to a business’s marketing campaigns and product photography.

 Audio and Video Editing

Video marketing is a king; a top rated advertising  company claims that “by 2019, web Audio video activity will represent 80 percent of all buyer web traffic.” HUGE!!!

7 Things Every Successful Freelancer Needs!

7 Things Every Successful Freelancer Needs!

As a freelancer you are on your own. For ongoing graduates as well as for the individuals who have been in the workforce for a considerable length of time, there are 7 things you’ll need to keep in mind:

1. Social Networks

Profiles on social networks such as Linkedin, Facebook, or Twitter are practically mandatory. Because they work as your Business card. Of course, you don’t have to be active on all of them. Choose those that are best suited for your purposes.

2. Build your Portfolio earlier

When freelancing, especially when starting out, having a portfolio (physical or digital) can be the difference in gaining jobs and losing them. For a portfolio you have to have previous work experience, but to get new job you should have a portfolio.

3. Make offline connections

Outstanding among other approaches to get online work is to manufacture offline connections. Regardless of whether it’s web design or freelance writing, being social can construct interfaces that can prompt new work. Search for entrepreneurial meetup gatherings and business workshops.

4. Value yourself and your work

Possibly the most critical point on this rundown, esteeming yourself and the cost of your work accurately could be the distinction in you making it in the freelancing scene and falling flat. While from the get-go you may need to lowball costs, as your portfolio and your experience develops, try to value your services accordingly.

5. Make an identity

As a freelancer, you are entering into a competitive market. That is why you have to acquire a “face.” A logo is memorable. Develop a unique design that suits your field of work.

6. Time management

Before you begin working, you need to have a plan, more specifically a business plan. You should schedule your day, week, and month accordingly. Don’t be surprised; it’s not unusual to spend more than half of your time acquiring new customers.

7. Keep your temperament

If you are just starting out, plan on keeping that full time job for a while and burning the midnight oil to work on your freelancing career. It can take months or years to build a client base large enough to justify full time work. This isn’t a short term sprint, it’s a long term marathon, one that will hopefully last you the rest of your life; it will take time to train.


Courtesy: Graphic Resources, S.L.




Why Freelancing Is Better Than Any office Job?

Why Freelancing Is Better Than Any office Job?

An expansive number of individuals imagine that freelancing is something you do when you can not find a job. On the other hand, “freelancers” know that there is nothing more real than that to be at the same time the director, owner, and the financial manager.

Here are a couple of reasons why Freelancing is superior to anything any sort of Office

Outstanding opportunity for advancement

In the event that you are dedicated, brilliant and have the information and aptitudes, rapidly will progress both professionally and fiscally. Freelancing offers extraordinary openings, an assortment of exercises and an extensive number of bosses who require great specialists.


Freelancers normally do not have an agreement with their bosses, and it gives them the flexibility to leave work whenever on the off chance that they don’t care for working conditions or they locate a superior employment.

Work from home

Work from home is the thing that makes freelancing an appealing alternative to seek after, and the crucial factor that makes everyone want to adopt ‘freelancing’ as their occupation.

Flexible working hours

At the season of quick living, it is difficult to synchronize family and work duties. What might make life simpler are numerous adaptable working hours? When you’re a specialist, you can arrange your working time as you need, regardless of whether it’s morning, evening or night.

To Pick up holidays at will

You can go to holidays whenever you want. On the off chance that there comes a need to return to work – a.k.a. a crisis – simply whip out your PC or cell phone and you can proceed as though you have never cleared out. It is dependent upon you to make it your excursion fun.

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