7 Things Every Successful Freelancer Needs!

7 Things Every Successful Freelancer Needs!

As a freelancer you are on your own. For ongoing graduates as well as for the individuals who have been in the workforce for a considerable length of time, there are 7 things you’ll need to keep in mind:

1. Social Networks

Profiles on social networks such as Linkedin, Facebook, or Twitter are practically mandatory. Because they work as your Business card. Of course, you don’t have to be active on all of them. Choose those that are best suited for your purposes.

2. Build your Portfolio earlier

When freelancing, especially when starting out, having a portfolio (physical or digital) can be the difference in gaining jobs and losing them. For a portfolio you have to have previous work experience, but to get new job you should have a portfolio.

3. Make offline connections

Outstanding among other approaches to get online work is to manufacture offline connections. Regardless of whether it’s web design or freelance writing, being social can construct interfaces that can prompt new work. Search for entrepreneurial meetup gatherings and business workshops.

4. Value yourself and your work

Possibly the most critical point on this rundown, esteeming yourself and the cost of your work accurately could be the distinction in you making it in the freelancing scene and falling flat. While from the get-go you may need to lowball costs, as your portfolio and your experience develops, try to value your services accordingly.

5. Make an identity

As a freelancer, you are entering into a competitive market. That is why you have to acquire a “face.” A logo is memorable. Develop a unique design that suits your field of work.

6. Time management

Before you begin working, you need to have a plan, more specifically a business plan. You should schedule your day, week, and month accordingly. Don’t be surprised; it’s not unusual to spend more than half of your time acquiring new customers.

7. Keep your temperament

If you are just starting out, plan on keeping that full time job for a while and burning the midnight oil to work on your freelancing career. It can take months or years to build a client base large enough to justify full time work. This isn’t a short term sprint, it’s a long term marathon, one that will hopefully last you the rest of your life; it will take time to train.


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