Now is the best time to start Shopify Store.

Start Early

Start your online store as soon as possible, even without fully featured product.

Build a Community on Social Media

Gaining shopify traction through is the most effective way. Here are few top social media channels,

  1. Facebook- Build community and make friends
  2. Instagram- Share your product photos
  3. Twitter- Launch specific campaign

Get Product Feedback

Ask people to leave feedback and share their experience. Collect as much reviews as you can and post them on all channels and give the backlink to your Shopify store.

Effective Marketing

In whatever stage you are, Marketing Matters! Very specific and targeted marketing campaigns gives a lot of conversion. Effective marketing make your bucks worth spending and make sure your store is Search Engine Optimized.

The majority of online stores fold because they’re unable to drive traffic. Get FREE Quote from Oniont Marketing consultants and increase your traffic!

Offline Channels

Get friends and family to tell their friends and family, to tell their brothers, girlfriends, wife’s sister… You get the picture!

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